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Why you will thrive when working in the same space with other independent individuals

Why you will thrive when working in the same space with other independent individuals

Harvard Business Review states that there is something in the water when it comes to those working in shared spaces. In a study conducted, it was observed that working in this environment results to individuals being successful when compared to those employees who work regular hours and in a regular office.


There are many questions that are still floating around; what makes a co-working space so effective? How diverse should the people be? Are there any conflicts that rises similar to those in normal organizations?

Meaningful work

Individuals who uses a coworking space Hong Kong based or in any other country find that their work is very meaningful. Firstly, unlike a regular corporation, the members who are working in the pace are from different backgrounds, organizations, projects have different objectives but with the focus of building their own business. There’s no competition among these diverse individuals because their business backgrounds are different, and they do not bring a different persona into the environment.


The working culture is as diverse as these individuals which allows them to support each other when help is needed. There is a range of skills and attributes that each one can offer to each other and therefore, produce a good product or service to the community. Values such as collaboration, sustainability, focusing on the community and learning about each other and the respective industry is also something that is cultivated when working in a co-working environment.


Control over the job

The space will be available to you twenty-four hours a day and during the entire week from Monday to Friday. Individuals can decide what time they want to work and can even go out to take a break maybe with friends or go to the gym for a workout. In case of an emergency, they can even leave the office and then maybe from work from home. Because these individuals are able to work at their own pace and have the freedom to do it in their own way, they are able to perform better. However, it has been noted that these individuals do not misuse the freedom that they have. In a traditional work place, employees tend to get frustrated because they have to stick to the inflexibility.

The community

When working with different individuals you will be able to make many connections with individuals from different industries which might be beneficial to your business venture. This will begin when you socialize with all the co-workers.


If you want to be successful entrepreneur or businessman, working in an environment with individuals from different backgrounds will definitely be step towards success.

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