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Why you cannot conceive and how to find solutions

Why you cannot conceive and how to find solutions

Becoming parents is a dream that every coupe wants to fulfill after they feel that they are ready to have a family. However for many couples this dream might come with a bit of a challenge because they find it hard to conceive even after trying to for a long period of time. This is usually when the stress gets to you and you start feeling worried and anxious wondering if there may be something wrong with you. What you need to know first is that there is no reason why you should take this so hard because there is always medical help that is available today through which you can hope to get help. Here are some of the main reasons why couples are finding it hard to conceive and what solutions you can have for that.

You may not be ovulating

In order to conceive the presence of both the male and female gametes is really important. If there are issues with your ovulation you may not be able to get pregnant. This a very common issue in most women and can be triggered because of many different issues. Having PCOS is one very common factor for this to happen and so is being either overweight or underweight. Even if you have an insufficiency in your ovaries or a thyroid dysfunction or even if you are somebody who exercises too much daily, this issue can be present. In such situations look at your best chances at the right family planning facilities, say for example the ivf Singapore success rate and try to get the help that you need from them. If you notice that you are having irregular periods as a norm and you are also having a hard time trying to conceive talk to your family planning consultant about this.

Male infertility

While many people may think that not being able to conceive is due to an issue with the woman, there is a high possibility that the male could also be contributing which is why doctors today advise that both of you get tested when you come in. there is a thirty percent margin roughly of couples struggling to conceive who find that the issue is on the side of the male. There is also the possibility that the both of you have equal issues which is true in about forty percent of cases today. Most of the time there will be no symptoms for infertility and in order to find out what is wrong, the both of you should undergo testing. Do not think that simply because you do not have symptoms you do not contribute to the difficulty in conceiving.

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