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What you need to know about SOLIDWORKS

What you need to know about SOLIDWORKS

If you are a designer in a firm, for engineering, architecture, and the likes, you probably have encountered SolidWorks. Many companies are choosing this program over other computer-aided engineering design applications due to its many advantages like reliability and accuracy in terms of material specifications and powerful rendering of the drawings. But if you are not familiar with this efficient design software, here are some of the things SolidWorks can do to aid in your design processes. Remember, these are just some of the basics among the many features you can find in this globally-known engineering software.

Accurate Solid Model

If you want an appropriately definite visualization of your drawing, then SolidWorks is the way to go. Not only it provides fast conversion from 2D to 3D, it can also create realistic interpretations for your design that is very natural and believable. It has a wide array of tools that are made particularly for specific applications. With SolidWorks, you can see how the components fit with one another and the scales of the individual systems to each other. You can edit your design in either 3D that the 2D also adapts to this modification. It is also an incredible presentation for manufacturing and the clients.

Mesh Capabilities

SolidWorks can even define the elements of your design or drawings into an accurate representation using mesh creation. Basically, it will create points in your system components, which will be used in the finite element analysis (FEA) feature of the program. FEA analysis SolidWorks can aid in the simulation of your design into how it will work in actual conditions. It can help determine the reaction it will get from natural forces like extreme weather situations or mechanical applications like thermal stress or even fluid flow. On-screen visualization and simulation will aid in during the design processes in order to make correct decisions regarding the design or the components through FEA.

Material Specifications

SolidWorks can even provide intelligence for various design applications and disciplines. As you go on with your design, SolidWorks can aid you in making decision by providing real-time information about materials, sourcing, specifications, manufacture, and use. It helps in increasing the speed in the design process with reliable and accurate drawings and models of your design.

Aside from the things mentioned above, there are more features that you will encounter when you get to use SolidWorks. If you fear of being overwhelmed by its multiple functions, don’t worry as usually they are easy to learn and instructional videos are also available for users.



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