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What to expect when migrating in an Asian country:

What to expect when migrating in an Asian country:

People migrate for different reasons. Some choose to migrate to start a new life, find a new job or even learn more about the local culture of the country.


If you are planning to look for a rewarding job with decent pay, there are a few countries that can offer expats attractive employment packages and at the same time great compensation. Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand are amongst the top choices of migrant workers either from neighboring countries or from other parts of the world. If you are decided to start a new life inĀ  a foreign place, before are some things to consider before taking the big leap.

Immigration laws- Take time to study the immigration laws of the country where you want to settle. Immigration policies differ from one country to another. Before making the final move think about their laws and restrictions. Are you comfortable with their existing laws? Also research more about their visa policies to avoid getting into inconvenient situations in the near future.


Pros and cons- Grab a piece of paper and write down the pros and cons of moving in a foreign country. Remember that you will be immersing in a totally different culture so it is important that you are totally aware of the current status of the country economic and social wise. Ask yourself what are the advantages that you would be gaining if you decide to stay longer than expected. Will you be given the opportunity to apply Singapore citizenship or will you be granted a multiple working visa?

Settling in- to some people this may not matter much but if you are planning to stay for a long time this is something that you should consider. How do you plan to spend your days off? Are there any interesting places that you can visit and hangout on your spare time? Will you be able to eat local food? Can you find a nice place to stay? These are the things that really matter since you need to feel comfortable at a foreign land.


Culture- moving in a foreign country means that you are willing to embrace their culture and at some point learn to live like some locals do. Remember that you are a tourist so you have to be open in learning more about their language, food, culture and social practices.


Housing and living conditions- Considering browsing into the real estate market before moving in. Ask yourself if you can afford to pay the rent since most tourists are not allowed to own a property. Do you feel safe living in the country. Think long term before making life changing decisions.

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