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What To Do When Buying Water To Be Healthy And Save The Environment

What To Do When Buying Water To Be Healthy And Save The Environment

In a perfect community, we all wish to drink water coming from trusted and local sources. Of course, we want it to be clean and stored in high-quality containers. Unfortunately, this wishes might become impossible due to our limited access to water. It leaves us no choice but to adapt to the available resources. As such, here are some of the steps to remember when buying bottled water. This will help us be healthy and help the environment.

Buy Glass Bottles if Possible

In buying drinking bottled water, the goal is not to buy glass because you want to gain some health benefits. If you buy glass bottles, you can avoid plastic that will soon litter the environment. With glass bottles, you can also avoid the chemicals available in the plastic water bottles. There are chemicals in the bottles like phthalates which activates the genes that cause adipogenesis. It is known to create new fat cells in the body. Phthalates contribute to storing and creation of fats when it is consumed. Yes, glass bottles can be pricey and inconvenient for some people. But if you invest in discounted cases and look out for sales, you can cut your costs in drinking water too.

Go BPA-free

BPA is another chemical which can be found in plastic water bottles. For many years, it has gained a reputation as the chemical which must get rid of. BPA acts like a xenoestrogen which contributes to the dominance of estrogen and causes cancer. It is also a chemical known as obseogen. With this, it can possibly contribute to obesity of people. Thus, if it is impossible for you to buy a glass water bottle, be sure that what you are buying will be at least BPA-free like from the Better Choice Beverage Co.

Invest in Reusable Water Bottles

Perhaps one of the best investment that you can do is buying reusable water bottles. Indeed, this one is initially costly. But it can save you with unnecessary purchase of plastic water bottles in the long run. Some of the reusable water bottles that you can buy are made of stainless steel or glass-lined. Keep one in your purse or bags all the time to keep you hydrated wherever you go.

Do Some Research

If you wish to make the best choices between the distilled, natural, and tap water, it is best for you to do your research first. Determine how the water is the source and what type of chemicals does it contain. Don’t get distracted by its labels because these are all marketing strategy of the companies.

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