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What To Avoid When Creating Websites

What To Avoid When Creating Websites

With the technology we have today, creating websites has become easier than ever. All major institutions, organizations, businesses, and even notable individuals such as pop stars and authors curate an online presence. While the hassle that comes with website creation has been greatly reduced by the times, there are still a number of things you should keep in mind or outright avoid, no matter what niche your site belongs to.

Here are a few mistakes you’d be better off without when creating a website:

Forgettable Domain Names

The domain name (or website address) is essentially the identity of your online presence. It’s what people remember when they’re NOT on your website, so it’s definitely something that isn’t limited by an internet connection.

When brainstorming for the perfect domain name, make sure it isn’t vague or common. If it is, there’s a big chance that it’s already taken in the first place. Make sure it’s easy to spell, and easy to remember without having to write it down.

Never use fads or trends specific to a given year or month, as these are only useful for a very limited time. I mean, who wants to visit a website called “gangnamstyle.com”? (if you don’t know what it is, then you see the point of excluding fads.)

Also, make sure it’s related to the type of content your website aims to provide. You wouldn’t expect cooking recipes from a website called “hotalternativemusic.com”, would you?

Unpolished Aesthetics

In the 2010s, nobody wants to visit websites with crowded homepages, saturated backgrounds, weird (unreadable) fonts, and confusing interfaces. With the level of polish most websites offer these days, yours shouldn’t be any different. There are tons of resources online to help you create aesthetically-pleasing websites, and even services that do the actual creation for you, without needing to know anything about coding or the Technics of negative space. Just use words such as creative web design firm singapore to search for the right services that fit your needs.

Unnecessary Background Noise

Have you ever encountered random music or videos suddenly playing when you visited websites? Were you pleasantly surprised? Let me guess – yes, you were surprised, but no, it wasn’t pleasant at all. Your audience wouldn’t want anything playing unless they intended it, so save them from the hassle of trying to find the off-switch. They could just end up leaving your website altogether.

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Lack of a Search Bar

This is a rather trivial commodity compared to the other points mentioned in this article, but you can never guess when a visitor needs to search for something within your website. It’s pretty much expected of any website to have the utility, so go ahead and put it in the corner for an easier navigation across your content.

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