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Ways to Motivate Employees

Ways to Motivate Employees

Your employees are the most important asset in your organization. They could either make or break your company and hence it is needed to keep them happy and motivated to get maximum out of them. Your company’s productivity and profit mainly depends on your employees. Motivating them is not rocket science; a since pat on the back appreciating their work can go a long way. So here are some of the simple ways to ensure they are efficient and go the extra mile to achieve company goals and objectives.

  1. Communicate better

If you are simply an imaginary figure in their minds who just gives orders, they will never feel valued in the company. You need to step down from your cabin and go speak to the employees face to face. If you openly communicate with them, they will be clear on what needs to be done while also feeling wanted. It will also make you approachable at any time and hence they won’t hesitate to bring their problems to you. Try to know at least a few of them by name.

  1. Provide incentives

Providing them with something more than their basic salary will immensely motivate them. Bonuses and other cash rewards are a great way; however it doesn’t always have to be monetary. You can give them a surprise day off, provide them with free breakfast for a week, offer corporate gifts Singapore such as stationery kits, watches, wall clocks etc., and give them gift cards or even tickets to a movie. It doesn’t have to be extremely expensive. A simple gesture will let them know that you care about them and consider you an important part of the company.

  1. Empower them

No one else can give ideas to make work better than the employees themselves. Most employees have great ideas to solve a problem or make the work more efficient; however if you don’t talk to them, they will never give their suggestions. So hold employee meetings and ask them directly for suggestions and make sure to implement them too. They will feel empowered to see how well their idea worked. Also, let them take their own decisions to a certain extent. They will also be motivated when they feel like they are provided with advancement opportunities. Give them the necessary training and development to help them climb their career ladders.

  1. Be an example

Mere words will not work if you don’t live by them yourself. If you are keen on punctuality, you need to lead by example and arrive on time to office. If you also act excited and enthusiastic about your company goals, your employees will too.


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