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Tips you can use to organize your closet

Tips you can use to organize your closet

When the fresh laundry comes in or the recent shoes you wore are stacked up in a corner, our lazy minds and bodies just cannot be bothered to make an effort to put them back. How many of you actually fold the laundry and put them back rather than just dumping it all? Probably a few. However, what you don’t realize is that making an effort to arrange these actually helps in the long run. So here are some tips you could use to organize your closet better.

Do a thorough onceover 

When you are looking at organizing your wardrobe jakarta the first thing you need to do is a proper onceover. There might be clothes in there that you haven’t worn in years, clothes that no longer fit, clothes that cannot be worn no matter how much ripped clothes are in style and even clothes that you don’t like. Take them out! If you want to hold on to those that you love, you need to make space for it by giving up those that you don’t. So donate all that you cannot wear and make someone else happy while organizing your closet better!

Place them insight

Sometimes the mere reason one may think that they have nothing to wear is because they have already worn what they’ve got and it is these that is in plain sight. However, there might be clothes stacked at the back that you never even knew of. So the best way to make sure that you always know what you have is organizing them in a way where they are in plain sight. You could push in a book rack to your closet or design your own one with shelves and place folded jackets, jeans and sweaters on them while socks, tights and shawls are placed in a labeled basket.


Even when you have hung clothes in your closet there is still an effort you need to make to search and select what you need to wear after pulling out everything. The problem is because they are all hung together. But if you were to divide them or categorize them using labels hung as dividers, then you can easily pull out the jackets from the jacket side, summer frocks from the frock side and party gowns from the party side.

Hang a hook

Once you have organized and ironed the clothes that you need to wear for the next day hang it on a hook behind your door. This way you are not only not accumulating extra space in your closet but also making sure that you aren’t unprepared for the next day. This specially comes in handy when you have no hanging option in your wardrobe. So if your door has no hook make sure to fix one today!

Use the above tips and organize your wardrobe better to make the best use of the space you have got!



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