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Tips to make the most from your wedding photobooth

Tips to make the most from your wedding photobooth

Amazing as weddings are, we all know that it’s the event of a lifetime that we all loved to remember. This is where photographs come in. we all want to remember all those moments on that day we had with our family and friends.

There are several ways as to hoe people enjoy time at a wedding. Some would just rock the dance floor and some would find themself loving the food or the alcohol. Wouldn’t it be exciting to have another source of entertainment in the house? This is where we have found wedding photobooth in Singapore have become the best solution. This gives the guest the ability to take picture their very own way and have it with them forever.  Add things like different props and cool backdrop to it to keep the fun going. Now doesn’t that sound amazing?

But how to get this going in the wedding? Here are some pointers you may want to hold on to.

  • Not all guest would be good with photo booths and for some it would be their first time. Many packages comes with an assistant but if your package doesn’t you will need someone to explain to the guest what it is and how It works and make sure that there is no long queue and the guest are satisfied.


  • Have the photo booth customized in a way that it goes perfectly well with your wedding theme. You don’t want it clashing the whole look of the place. You can also add your own props and customize it with a new look.


  • You may want to have your photo booth placed somewhere with high traffic so many people will notice the both as they pass by. It could be at the entrance of the reception hall or near the dance floor, make sure the location is perfect for people to be seen.

  • If you add a small fee to it, you could get 2 copies, where one photograph would be placed in an album with a congratulatory note / well wishes to you and the other for them to take home as a remembrance.


  • Have them take group shots, many people turns out to be self-conscious around one or two people, so instead have them take pictures with other friends. The more the merrier right?


To many of the elderly, photo booths can turn out to be something pretty new and very interesting. And I can assure you, these photos are going to be something you will smile and remember for sure, not just you but everyone who came to the wedding.

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