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Tips to deciding what to give as a marriage present!

Tips to deciding what to give as a marriage present!

If you are worried and thinking about what you should be  getting for someone’s wedding then it will be someone who is close to your heart. So, there are so many ways that you can ensure that you get them something that will be special and they would actually appreciate you presenting it!

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What do they generally love?

As someone who is close to your heart, it is only natural that you know about his or her likes and dislikes. You would know whether the person is simple or loves grandeur. The couple may have already listed down what they would prefer to get as a present. You can even check this list before giving them something. This will actually be an easy choice for you. Or you would have to list down possible things your loved one would like to be gifted and then short list the most probable one!

Do you want to surprise them?


If you would like to give the couple a shocker or surprise them, then you will need to plan on something bigger. You can present them maybe an adventurous trip to one of their favourite destinations! This will come off as a huge surprise. Or you could get together with some others who want to give the couple something expensive and buy them something extremely worth it. You can even arrange for a wedding door gift Singapore after the reception has taken place.


Have they mentioned something to you?

Sometimes you needn’t actually be thinking so hard! They may have already mentioned what they would either like to get for their marriage ceremony  or even more specifically what they would like you to give them for their marriage. If he or she has made such a mention then it makes life so much more easier for you. You can simply go for the present that they mentioned to you. But if they have nt mentioned something as such to you before, then you can try asking them directly or maybe even subtly what they would like to receive for their marriage!


Some suggestions

When it comes to giving presents the choice is abundant. The sheer number of choices available makes it even more difficult for you to make solid decision. You can opt for something like a household product like maybe an electronic appliance like an iron or a toaster or you could even present a fancy meal for two at a luxury hotel. If they are more into travelling, you can make a deposit for travelling and ask them to continue do so by letting the other guests know that they can also contribute to it!

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