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Tips on taking care of your mobile device

Tips on taking care of your mobile device

Buying a mobile be it an android or Apple device it is a significant investment that you will be making, especially if it is a top tier model it is going to be a big drain in your income. As such it is of the utmost importance that you do everything possible to take care of it properly, to make the investment you made last at least two to three years. Through the course of this article I shall guide you through a few tips that may be useful in making sure that your investment is protected and lasts for a significant period of time.

One of the first things that you must do is to make sure that in a situation you drop your mobile or knock it somewhere it is protected. For this purpose it would be advisable to buy a good cover for it. Good covers can be a tad bit expensive, some going up to about twenty to thirty USD, but in considering the amount you would have to pay in case you damage your mobile this is nothing. Same goes for a good screen guard. If your display gets damaged it’s going to cost you about one fourth or one third of the price of the mobile to fix it. Simply google iPhone 6 screen repair Singapore  for an example and you will see how expensive it is get it fixed.

Next when you are at home you are going to need to find a safe location for you to store your mobile. Try not to leave it in a place where it can get knocked down accidently very easily.  Someplace enclosed like a drawer would be ideal. On that note however do not put your phone in an enclosed space and charge it. You run the risk of it heating too much and catching fire.  You should also make sure that you clean your mobile on regular basis. It is as simple as it giving it a wipe down with a tissue every once in a while.

Certain people do not charge their phone until it is nearly dead. This is a very bad practice to follow. The more you maintain your battery level at an average level, for an example between 40% and 80 % the better it is for your mobile. This way the battery will function efficiently for a longer period of time. Finally fun fact in case you want to make it so that whoever stole your mobile can’t use it there are certain apps that you can download and utilize for that purpose. Essentially one can remotely shutdown their phone for good. All in all taking good care of your possessions is always a good idea. It increases the length of time you can use it.


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