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Tips on choosing the right hotel for you:

Tips on choosing the right hotel for you:

Whether deciding to travel abroad or locally your choice of accommodation plays a big role in your travel plans. As we all know that there are a lot of choices and they can get overwhelming at times.  When deciding where to stay it is important to create a short list of the things that you want so it would be easier to decide. Looking for a place to stay may not an exciting task but it is certainly an important aspect of your travel experience. Below are some of the things that you can do to help you save a lot of time and effort in finding for a perfect place to stay.


Search for hotels according to your budget- There are hundreds or even thousands of hotels and filtering them according to your price range will free you from the dilemma of choosing which is very time-consuming.

Choose the hotel with the best amenities- Ask yourself, what exactly are things that you are looking for in a hotel? Remember that not all amenities are important to you. Do you want to stay in a hotel with a pool or wifi? If you have decided to prioritize the things that you need and want then you can start to narrow down your options and eventually make up your mind  If you have the budget and would like to experience all the amenities that every tourist could dream of, you can always visit Powai Hotels Mumbai and enjoy their state of the art facilities and world-class amenities.


Location- It is important that the hotel is accessible to major establishments such as airports, hospitals and commercial areas including a shopping mall and restaurants. You might also consider staying in a place that is accessible to all public transportation.


Security- Check if the accommodation has good security measures. Though it is not advisable to leave your valuables in the room you can always ask if they have vaults where clients can store their personal belongings while they are away. Security staff must be doing rounds and the establishment should be equipped with multiple CCTV cameras.

Availability of Hotel Staff- Every hotel must have a 24-hour reception service to cater to their clients’ needs.  Room service must also be available round the clock just in case the guests would like to have something to eat and drink even in the wee hours.


Airport Transfers- Most travellers would prefer to use the hotel service to shuttle them back towards the airport. It’s safe and convenient at the same time. Most hotels offer this kind of service but you have to pay extra.

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