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Tips for when giving corporate gifts

Tips for when giving corporate gifts

When giving corporate gifts, let’s face it, you feel like you are in a dilemma. Some people confuse themselves as to the meaning of a corporate gift. A corporate gift can even extend to the freebies you get from an event, or those little bags you receive at conferences or anything that has a personalised return address along with a request for a donation. I am sure it crossed your mind that some of the gifts that you have received is very helpless, nice or even some a very much so useless.

If you are giving a corporate gift and you want to make sure that you stand out, then you need to make that you get something super cool. If you want to get something personalised then you can always contact a personalised corporate gifts Singapore store that will be able to cater your requirement. When you are the person who is responsible for the selections, designing and coordination of the gifts you will need to give a lot of thought. It might be a bit difficult when you do not know where you should start from, but here are some tips that will help you get started.

  • Reflect on the work culture of the corporate that you want to give a gift. If the corporate that you want to gift has a casual Friday, you can consider gifting them branded t-shirts. You can have your brand as well as the corporates brand, which will signify the work relationship that you have.
  • If you are planning on giving away t-shirts, then you need to make sure that you get the sizes sorted out before hand. You can always ask the corporate for the sizes required. This is the best way to ensure that you do not assume sizes for people and give them an unpleasant surprise.
  • The presentation always matter. Whatever the gift you give make sure that you present it in a classy way. A handwritten note is the perfect touch to ensure that the receiver knows that you have put a lot of thought to the gift.
  • You can always give some local flavour product that everyone loves which will make everyone very happy.
  • Never forget that quality always trumps the quantity and the originality of your gift. You would not want to be called cheap when giving away gifts.

We know it is very difficult to think outside the box, but if you can come up with something that cause a stir and a buzz among the corporate then you can think that you have achieved something great and taken your relationship to another level.

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