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Tips for Renting Office Space in Australia

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Tips for Renting Office Space in Australia

If you are just launching a business, you may not have the money to buy an office building right away. Most small businesses and start-ups end up renting offices in Australia. It can be an extra expense, but a necessary one. Once your venture starts making profits, your company can decide to purchase a more permanent address. Until then, here are several tips to consider when renting office space in Australia:

Think of Work Needs Five Years from Now On

Now your business may only have less than a dozen employees, but what about next year, or the following? When start-ups launch, each naturally expects to expand and grow. That naturally means hiring more employees, buying new equipment and so on. Therefore, when renting an office space, think about these growth needs of the future. You should plan to rent any space for at least five years bar in extenuating circumstance that may get in the way. Therefore, think carefully about the available space and how you plan on utilizing it.

Hire Great Property Lawyers for the Contract

Signing the lease or rental agreement for most business-related buildings can be tricky. You may not understand all the clauses in there. It’s very important to make sure that you have excellent commercial lease lawyers on your team before signing the document. Ask the solicitors to explain any clauses you may not understand. If there are problems in the documents, the solicitor will tell you right away. In the future, you will need these solicitors to take care of the legal aspect of renting. Remember, renting an office space is not the same as renting a residential apartment. The legal aspects involves are far more complex.

Location Matters a Lot

Location is not everything to finding a great office, but it plays a major role. For example, if your office is connected to some type of retail outlet, you will have to carefully search for the ideal location where customers will stop by. Even if you are not setting up a shop, it’s important to choose convenient location. Keep in mind that employees should easily be able to commute to and from work. Plus, you will occasionally meet up with clients, so it’s important to be located in a very business-friendly area.

Don’t Forget to Do a Building or Property Inspection

The office space you have in mind may look gorgeous, but once you move in, you probably don’t want to find any mould or pests in there. It’s easy to make a snap judgement on a well located office for rent. However, it’s highly recommended to conduct an office or building inspection before you actually sign a contract with the proprietor. You could end up with a seriously unsafe work environment otherwise.

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Think Outside the Box

The office doesn’t have to be a highly conventional floor in an industry building. You can rent an apartment, a home, or a similar space for your office as long as the location is right. So don’t restrict yourselves to the stereotypical office and lose out on other great properties.

Lastly, always rent more space than what you actually think you need. Never settle for less space hoping you can cram everything. Space needs evolve over time, and you can never do with less.

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