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The Importance of Final Touches and Finishes

The Importance of Final Touches and Finishes

No matter how much effort goes into the designing, planning and construction stages of a project, the ultimate look of the completed building is what matters the most. Without finishing touches, a building would remain just a building. It would lack character and fail to exhibit the visions of the architects and property developers. Adding final details to a residential construction project means creating a space that everyone is excited to live in.

Aspects such as plumbing, electrical works, painting, plastering, glazing, tiling and finish carpentry all play an important role in bringing a construction project to completion. Read on for a list of finishes that takes a project on paper to the finishing line.


Building Finishes

There are various types of finishes used for buildings such as painting, white-washing, plastering, varnishing, dis-tempering and colour washing. The primary function of a building finish is to offer a protective layer to surfaces underneath by withstanding effects of the weather such as rain, heat and frost.

Wall Finishes

This includes both exterior as well as interior walls and incorporates a wide array of finishes. Singapore painting services offer property developers an extensive choice of paint finishes such as flat, matte, eggshell, satin, high-gloss and semi-gloss to choose from. Apart from painting walls, other options include finishes from material such as Cement, Gypsum, Glass and Plaster of Paris to name a few.


Floor Finishes

If you think about it, building floors undergo heavy beating every day. While most floor finishes are selected based on durability and ease of maintenance, it is also important to think about how it complements the overarching theme or concept. Some of the most common floor finishes you can work with are ceramic tiles, engineered wood, concrete, laminates, natural stone and resilient flooring such as carpets, linoleum and vinyl. Choice of finish will depend on the type of space, usage, final look as well as the affordability.

Furniture Finishes

In picking out the right furniture, it is not only affordability, comfort, shape and size that matters. The finish or material used is probably the most important factor of all. Some of the most famous materials used to make furniture are wood, bamboo, plastic, metal, concrete and even glass. Furniture cushioning materials include velvet, satin, linen and leather amongst many others. As it is quite apparent, several competing choices exist in the market and several questions need to be answered prior to making the final decision. Would a leather or fabric sofa give the living room a cosy effect? Would the work table look better in oak or mahogany?


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