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Setting up company warehouse in Singapore

Setting up company warehouse in Singapore

Company staffs are intended to be working freely in their own office space. It should be clear from unnecessary stuff in order for them to work efficiently. Regardless of what office type or products your company is dealing with, machines, sample products and other stuff should be placed and well-kept to a proper warehouse.

As Singapore is booming and becoming one of the leading countries in Asia a lot of companies find this country as a good place to invest. If you want to build an empire in Singapore, below are some guidelines to consider in setting up company warehouse.

Rental Charges

For basic needs such as food, clothing, education, public transportation in Singapore is moderately fine. But when it comes to apartment or building rentals it can be extremely high depending on the location. As money matters in every business, it will be a big help if you can find a cheap business storage space Singapore for your company. It will serve as a place where you can just stock up those stuff or materials needed to run the business and also for company’s production purposes.

Rental charges can either be inclusive or exclusive of those taxes for the government, monthly bills, security and other service charges depending on the contract or your mutual agreement with the owner. You just have to be patient enough, look around and find something that fits to your budget and needs.


If you’re dealing with a production company, air quality closed to factories or warehouse can affect person’s health. Different toxic gases can emit during production so make sure that warehouse should be far from residential or public areas to avoid health issues. Also, employees working inside must be well-protected and undergoes regular medical check up.

Terms for moving in and out

Everything has to be under the contract. Things like if when can you move in or if you need a deposit or advanced payment in order for you to move and setup the warehouse has to stress out. What are the terms and conditions of you’d like to build, add or repair something from the land or space rented as a warehouse. On the other hand, ensure that you can easily move out or transfer location in case something happens or company decides to close, move or expand to a bigger or better place.


The place should be monitored 24 hours using CCTV cameras, guarded by security personnel that also do constant or scheduled rounds to every corner of the warehouse. Also, company should implement a strict “Only authorized personnel” policy in the entire premises. An identity pass can be issued to its personnel allowed to enter. Fire alarms should also be installed for easy monitoring.

Loading and unloading areas

If you’re a manufacturer of office supplies, beauty products, bread and other food items, company warehouse must really be huge. You need to have a proper space for delivery trucks that will come and go to get, collect and deliver your products. Every truck or van that will enter the warehouse must have a proper identity for the company’s safety as well.

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