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Planning for Disaster Relief in Pakistan

Planning for Disaster Relief in Pakistan

We are all living in turbulent times, with both natural and manmade disasters causing havoc around the world. While the developed world might be somewhat ready to face such challenges, the developing world is still finding ways to organise themselves and have plans lain out to support their citizens in times of need.

The situation

In such a background there are private companies or even individuals seen coming forward to provide much needed assistance and relief to the people in need. The problems of terrorism are always around the corner not only in Pakistan but in most corners of the world. Wars and conflicts have pushed people from their homes and made them sometimes refugees in their own countries. Not only are we faced with manmade problems but nature also seems to be fighting back. Some would say that we have harmed the natural environment so much that it is in evitable. So even if you believe it or not, it does not matter, we are bound to face earthquakes, floods and even severe drought in years to come.

Getting together

With these looming problems in mind, governments, international organisation and even individuals have come forward to create humanitarian projects or initiatives to help each other. The Dawood Foundation with Bashir Dawood and Mariyam Dawood is one such prominent group that is spearheading humanitarian work in Pakistan.

This family based foundation has been able to succeed to a greater degree because they employ family values when forming and running their foundation. It is said that family based foundations such as the Dawood group is able to provide better service because they are flexible, informal and more dynamic and more charitable than most of their professional peers.

They have become well known for relief aid in different forms especially focusing on the most vulnerable and affected people in the country. The foundation which started in the late 1960’s has been able to provide help in times of draught providing shelter and food during flood seasons and even constructing houses for the most needy. They have been able to procure funds and supplies in various ways to make these initiatives possible.

They are a group of people that believe in compassion and human values which have made them take great initiatives to foster solidarity among different ethnic groups and supporters to continue their very important work in the field of humanitarian support. With the development and growth of the group, they have been able to not only serve people in Pakistan but also people around the world.



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