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Pest Control Tips for the Green Conscious

Pest Control Tips for the Green Conscious

Pest control has been an age old subject. Throughout history people have used different means to get rid of harmful insects and rodents that pose threats to crops, dwellings or workplaces. However though many chemical formulas have been manufactured, marketed and used, common pests are still prevalent and causing harm or spreading diseases.

Another problem from consistent use of chemicals is the resistance these pests have developed overtime resulting in more harmful or strong pesticides being needed or developed. However the stronger the chemicals the more damage it does to the surrounding environment and the ecology at large. Not only are these strong pesticides damaging the environment, they are becoming a health hazards via indirect means. Heavy use of chemicals and pesticides has now found its way to human food and water as well requiring more environmentally friendly methods to be developed.

For home environments

The threat of chemicals is not only found in large farms or factories, but in homes and small businesses too. For an example prolonged use of chemicals to bed bugs singaporeor other insects at home settings can add quite a large amount of chemical residue to the surrounding environment. Not only do they harm the surrounding areas slowly they can pose great threats for human and other life forms as well.

In order to limit the use of chemicals and hazardous material, try as much as possible not to attract pests. The best way and the first thing to consider is to keep the place clean as much as possible. Another option is to use more traditional methods to clean such as steam cleaning of carpets and other surfaces. Using a strong vacuum is also a good option for carpeting and other upholstery.

Freezing things can also help eliminate pests. Clothing used less can be put in a freezer. Clothing, napkins and towels and such material should be regularly cleaned. And so not leave things with sweat or food particles lying around, as they attract various forms of insects. Soapy water is also a great way to get rid of insects such a roaches. Spraying it on places that they are found most often can eliminate their scent so that others do not follow through.

Plants such as marigolds and neem trees can be wonderful to naturally reduce pests such as mosquitoes. So add a few of these plants to your garden as well.

Once you take a look at your home, the next is to cover the garden so that an overall environmentally friendly approach to pest control can be undertaken.

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