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New Interior Design Trends for Household Items

New Interior Design Trends for Household Items

Interior design and ideas for improving or renovating your home keep changing and it is a good idea to keep a breast with some of the latest trends in the market so that you can stay up to speed with the changes in the industry. Let’s look at some of the most popular features set to take 2018 by storm.

All geometry and clean lines

Even if you are working with a budget, geometric patterns can really help to revitalize a space. There are many aspects that you can improve with this feature. Such as simply adding a few patterned cushions, or even minimal furniture such as a dining bench Singapore. There are also many accent pieces with simple features that can really improve your living room or bedroom.


They can really make a place come alive and there are many ways to use a rug, either on the floor or even as a tapestry hanging on the wall. Whichever way you use it can add bold colour and style to any space.

Coloured furniture

Another growing trend is bold and vibrant coloured furniture that really make a statement. An interior with mild colours can really benefit with a few furniture pieces in bright colours such as dark blue or even pink or even jewel tones.

Miniature bars

These are also becoming a trend that is fast catching on. Most of the young elite crowd collect wine and other drinks and look forward to entertaining guests at their premises. Therefore having a mini bar at your home is fast becoming a popular trend. There are many modern designs from elegant to minimalistic pieces that you can use to make a lifestyle statement.

Plant ascents

Though some of us love to have actual plants indoors, there might be some of us who cannot really maintain or take care of them. Therefore this new trend of using framed foliage is becoming very popular. Dried foliage or even pressed flowers as wall d├ęcor are really making headlines.


Use of cement to create decorative features in the living room, kitchen or even the bathroom is making a lot of waves. Some of the most popular cement items are tiling that can really add a sophisticated feel to any space without breaking the bank.

Sustainable products

A growing trend is being environmentally conscious, therefore there are more and more products coming to the market that are made from sustainable materials. There are also many rugs, and other household fabrics made from sustainable fabrics. Use of animal products is also seeing a decline.

These are some of the most popular trends to look out for in the coming years to revamp your home.

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