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Is your child in safe hands?

Is your child in safe hands?

In the current world, usually both parents work away from home. Their child may need to be taken care by someone else whilst at work. It is very common for parents to hire a babysitter or nanny for this reason. If it is someone they know, they would feel confident leaving their child in their hands but often, they may need to leave them with a stranger who is qualified at taking care of them. When hiring a nanny, make sure to know them well to ensure your child’s safety.

Are they competent?

The sitter must be interviewed before being hired. Most of them would be young adults, so ask about friends, family, social life, and extracurricular activities. It is always a plus point if they have recommendations from others. You can also hire investigation services Singapore to do a background check on them. They may be able to find out if the sitter has been previously sacked from their job due to bad behaviour or if they have any criminal records which could endanger your child’s life. You can also check their social media sites and get all necessary information about them. Check whether they are aware of first aid. Basic training in CPR would be very beneficial as it could literally save your child’s life in an emergency.

 Introduce them to your home and children

Allocate a day for them to come and hang out with your children in your presence at home. You should allow your children to get friendly with them, so they don’t feel like they are being taken care by a stranger. Observe whether the sitter is patient with them, and whether they are kind and friendly. You may also show them around your home. Show them where the first aid box is, where the keys are, the bathroom, bedroom and so on. You can become friends with them as well. If your children have allergies, make sure they are made aware of those.

Discuss responsibilities.

You must clearly tell the sitter what is expected of them. Make them aware of the schedule you have made for the kids, like the bed time. You may also set rules as you find appropriate, like not smoking or consuming alcohol while on the job, not sleeping even if child is asleep, not leaving the child on their own, and not inviting friends or partners to the house whilst you are away.

Take a note of the tips above and make sure you leave your child in safe hands.



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