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Important Things to Keep In Mind When Renewing Visas in Hong Kong

Important Things to Keep In Mind When Renewing Visas in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an autonomous territory in China. It is a special administrative region therefore they have their own economic and political system, separate from China. In the year 2017, it was the 7th largest trading entity and its currency; the Hong Kong Dollar is widely traded across the world. The Territory also ranks very high on the Human Development Index thanks to the prosperous economy.


Due to the low taxes in the country and the mixed economy, many people travel to Hong Kong on a working visa in the hopes of finding a job there.  However these of course do not last beyond a couple of years and will eventually be up for renewal. Renewal of Visas are important if you wish to continue living or working in Hong Kong and when you are renewing them there are many things you need to keep in mind.

Know Your Circumstances

Visa renewal in Hong Kong can be a simple or a complex process depending on your circumstances. If your visa is due to expire while you are still employed, renewing the visa would be a simple task. However if you visa expires after you leave your job and still have not found a new one then you would find yourself in a complicated situation. The process for renewal in the latter is complex with many other factors being looked into, to assess if you are eligible for another working visa or not. In most cases if you have worked in Hong Kong for a long period of time then working visa renewal Hong Kong could be done successfully without much of a problem.


However if you have not worked for long or you were fired by your previous employer then chances are that the renewal of your visa would take a much longer time and you may even have to leave the territory and return with a tourist visa until you are able to find a job.

Consult With a Professional

If your circumstances are complicated or you simply just wish to get a bit more help than you can always consult with a company specializing in visa related services, regarding how you can obtain the renewal.  If you wish to renew your employment visa Hong Kong, then chances are the professionals would know what has to be done best and may even help you step by step with the renewal process.


In the end visas are very important and renewals should be done in a timely manner without delay to ensure that the renewal will be successful.


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