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How to make sure you do well in your exams this year?

How to make sure you do well in your exams this year?

Tips and suggestions that actually work for studying well for your up coming exams…


Make your mind to pay attention, and to start studying from day one

The mind’s determination plays a major role in any task being successful. This rings true even with doing well in your exams this year. Convince your mind that you need to do well this time, and make up your mind to do your best. This will make it easier on you to sacrifice those late night parties that will distract you from from your assignments, and help you roll out of bed and head to class even when you have classes early in the morning on Mondays. Remember, a determined mind is hard to distract…!

Make short notes while in class

Yes, we know that paying attention in class is hard; especially if your professor tends to drone on and on without giving much thought to making his lessons interesting. However, paying attention in class is one of the best ways to ensure you will perform well in your up coming exams. This is because paying attention means you are actually storing it in your memory, and this make it easier for you to remember it if you study it a little more. Also, make a point to write down important names or fact, and things you want to check out on or research further on the side lines so you actually remember to do so in a later date at least.


Clear your doubts while they are still fresh

It’s human to be confused and to have many curiosities. It is also human to forget all about these curiosities and problems once the lesson is over and the book is closed. However, what happens here, is that you tend to pile up your doubts and questions, and when it comes to studying closer to the exam, you have a whole lot of things to untangle before you go about studying. This will not do. Do your best to clear your doubts within a day or two after it is formed. If your professors or your class mates cannot help you do so, consider hiring a tutor for this purpose. Remember, even gp tuition Singapore based can be useful to you when trying to make sure you do well in your up coming examinations.

Make time each day to study at least for 30 minutes each day

You have made up your mind, so stick to this resolution. Devote at least a half an hour each day for the purpose of revising your notes. The secret is identifying the correct times to study. Ask yourself if you are more alert and energetic in the mornings or nights. Study accordingly. Remember, if you generally are more alert at night and find that you can study better in the night hours when all is silent around you, you will also be able to study well in the early morning, right after dawn hours. Try your best to avoid sacrificing your sleep, as it will mess up your entire day.



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