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How to make sex more enjoyable

How to make sex more enjoyable

Sex plays an important role in all species, but more importantly in the lives of human beings because of reproduction. Well, in this case, it is important because of the pleasure that we are able to get while doing the activity. We always see to it that our partner is able to reach orgasm, to be able to be a better performer in bed because better sex means better orgasm.

A quality orgasm is better than having quantities of it, but to make it better, quantity and quality orgasms are most preferred. To do this, you have to change how things go with your partner by making things more interesting and fun, and this is how to do it.

Use toys

Using sex toys is a fun way to spice things up and get things heated instantly. Using toys for your partner, especially ones that stimulates the clitoris while at foreplay will be a big help for both side’s satisfaction. If she’s having difficulty in reaching orgasm quick or you come too quickly, then toys will make it all better. For some, using a toy can be intimidating, and that should not be the case. It rather helps in boosting climax, and make sex even more fun than ever.

Role play

Start asking your partner of the things that he or she fantasizes the most. In this way, you are able to be more playful with your partner, and boost the pleasure that he or she could get throughout the experience. It could be in the form of being a sexy secretary, a doctor, a police, and so on. Making things lively in bed will a different experience that should make things more interesting.

Playing with senses

We get pleasure because of our senses, and by stimulating every sense that your partner has, you guarantee that he or she will reach orgasm in an explosive way. Experiment with all the possibilities, you could turn the lights on or off while you do it, or blind fold them as you go through their body. Listen to music or talk dirty to stimulate hearing pleasure. Pay attention to what his or her different body parts taste like, or by intimately kissing each other. And slowly caress and fondle your partner’s body. However you like it to be, explore other ways on how to stimulate senses.

By being more fun in bed, you enable both you and your partner to be more engaging and open with each other. This entails a better relationship as you let each other know more about one another by being vulnerable with your emotions because you are able to trust and explore boundaries with each other.



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