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How to design your very own miniature garden in a glass?

How to design your very own miniature garden in a glass?

Miniature stuff are always fun. And so, today it is no wonder that is has picked up a lot in the market. Now people have even started off by designing their own miniature gardens and fish tanks themselves. So if you are intending on working on your own one the DIY-style, then here are some steps you should be following.

Get the vessel

Generally, most of these terrarium malaysia are actually built within little tanks or glass jars. And it is simply because of this transparent nature of the container and the contrast in color that is used to design this little thing, that it has gained much popularity among many people. So find a glass vessel, it could be a mason jar, an old fish tank or anything else that is ideal.

Setting up the layers

Layers within the jar not only highlights the entire positioning of the little shrubs, but it also creates enough space for the water to not flood up the plant by letting it seep through. Use about two to three layers created from pebbles and rocks to design this. While the depth of the layer depends on the container size, generally, it is best if you fill up half or two thirds of the container.

Add in the coal

Use activated charcoal to cover up the rock layers and protect your little vegetation growing with in the glass frame. The charcoal prevents fungi, bacteria and odor from spreading and destroying the entire thing. But make sure you don’t over it load it too much, just put in enough to cover the rocks.

Fill in the sand

Once you’ve got the above set up, next add in the sand. Pick the right kind of sand that matches whatever you plan on planting. Make sure to put in enough so that the roots of the plant has plenty of room to spread and grow.

Plant the plant in

Once you have got the soil set up, next is to make sure you trim the roots of the chosen plant. You don’t have to worry too much about this because it would certainly grow back. in case you are separating it a part and planting it by piece, be gentle. Dig in using a brush or your finger and place the plant in deep.

Add little details

To make the little arrangement look even more cute, add in some other little accessories and such. you could use some white marble pebbles, sea shells and whatnot.

Clean the sides of the container occasionally to enhance the little beauty within it and make sure that you sprinkle enough water for the arrangement to survive. The best thing about it is that is certainly doesn’t need much, but just enough!


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