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Have you experienced a desert safari?

Have you experienced a desert safari?

There are so many vacation spots and activities in the world. Year after year we see many others being added to the already spilling list. From wine tasting to horse riding to theme parks and hiking, snorkeling, swimming, diving the list is endless.

The concept of safari

The word safari originated in the 19th century among the English. The word itself comes from the Arabic word “safara” which means to “journey”. Typically, safari is associated with an above-ground tour where one can see the animals – wild life- roaming free in the area. Africa was the most known place for this; in fact, Kenya is known as the land of the safaris. It used to be about game hunting- killing animals in hunting style for fun- however we all must be happy that it is no more that popular. Today, it is more about photographing the wildlife, sightseeing and in general the happiness one gets by watching the animals in their natural habitats.

What is desert safari?

So, now safari, we all know of. But what is desert safari? Are there so many animals in a desert where we can roam around in an open jeep? Not really. Desert safari is all about having fun in driving in the sand dunes. Sand dunes are the tall sand aggregates that you see in any desert. For example, the Sahara is known for very tallsand dunes, going up to even 180m. Nevertheless, the Namib has the highest dune, measuring at a staggering 382 meters. However, a desert safari cannot and won’t handle dunes that high. Going up and down on dunes is not much different than sailing in a rough sea! So if you are not too sure about that rough life, be careful before you embark on one.

How it works

First you will be picked up from your hotel. Most luxury hotels in Sharjah and Dubai have this option as an added tour courtesy as well. Even if not, you can easily find one in the internet. Sites which cater to tourism and travelers have many providers listed for this. You can go though the details and pick one which suits your budget, timings and other requirements such as type of vehicle.

Due to the nature of this excursion mostly a big, SUV type will be used. They have the relevant safety harnesses as well; more details about your safety, what to wear etc. will be provided by the company which is picked by you.

A desert safari is truly an experience of a lifetime. Make sure you have that too!

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