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Four business strategies to give your hotel a competitive edge

Four business strategies to give your hotel a competitive edge

The hospitality industry of Australia is flourishing at the moment, and many entrepreneurs who have realized the potential of the market are making their move into the prosperous hotel industry. As a player in this highly opportune market, what must you do right to survive the intense competition and reach the top of the ladder? Here are four great ways in which you can become a better service provider and gain an edge over the rest in the industry.

Embrace your locality!

Your property’s destination must always be used as an asset that enhances its overall value and appeal to the customers. Unlike most other strategies for gaining a competitive edge, using the cultural heritage, geographical specialities and various other features that are intrinsic to your region will not cost you an awful lot. However, it will be a meaningful way to better engage you guests in the overall hotel experience and establish a reputation as a unique destination that offers a unique experience. And did you hire a professional concierge for your building? If not, maybe its time to invest in one right now and give your visitors a much better knowledge about the local area and its many hotspots, while making their everyday activities a little easier.

Go social!

Setting up a page for your hotel in a social network is virtually inexpensive, and you don’t have to be a marketing pro to manage the page once it is created. Statistics show that about 70% of adults use social networks on a daily basis, and you can reach out to this population of potential customers by posting information about your property’s special offers, discounts and seasonal promotions. You can target specific online crowds based on age, gender, ethnicity or even preferences to effectively communicate all that you want and build a virtual client base, who will be interested about all that you offer.

Increase flexibility

The average short-stay visitors and their requirements are quite simple, and you will not have to go out of your way to ensure their comfort and satisfaction during the brief stay. However, the visitors who remain at the property for longer periods of time often tend to have much more complicated requirements and as a result, you will have to put in an extra effort to make them feel welcome. One of the best ways to successfully tackle this concern is by finding the perfect balance between work, play and relaxation within the hotel. While there must be lots of places for relaxation and play, not many hotels offer their business travellers a space to work within the hotel premises. If there is an underused room within the property, transform it into a state-of-the-art work area, where guests can get their work done in peace.

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