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Effective ways to improve employee efficiency

Effective ways to improve employee efficiency

The level of productivity of an organization’s workers is directly linked to its success in this highly competitive corporate world. Because of this reason, more and more employers are doing everything they can to create an office environment that is conducive for working and capable of bringing out the best of their workforce. To be productive is to be able to meet and exceed the set goals and objectives within the allocated time period and over-time working or having to constantly recruit new personnel does not come under characteristics of an efficient enterprise. So, what must you do as an employer or a manger to bring out the best of your troops to generate sizable returns for the all-important shareholders? In this article we will look into a few ways in which you can do this.

Give them incentive

Human beings are highly responsive to various elements that provide motivation and incentive and in the workplace, this nature could be the key for achieving heightened employee productivity. For the company to meet the set deadlines effectively, employee punctuality is a must and this can be one of the hardest aspects to bring under control.

The highly effective time attendance system Singapore based companies are increasingly incorporating, is a technology that helps you track and monitor the attendance, start time and the end time of each worker in every single day of the year. In addition to such regulatory methods of providing incentives, they will also readily respond to rewards and appreciation of their achievements. Even the simple things like saying thank you for small service can go a long way and motivate the troops to do their level best to serve their employer.

Effective communication

Communication within the company and with external parties must be as efficient and effective as possible. Most businesses use e-mail as the principal method of communication with their workforce and the external customers, however, a recent study has found that communicating via e-mail can use up about 28% of an employee’s work time and this can greatly decrease their productivity on any given day.

While this form of communication will be needed for certain situations, adopt faster, less time consuming and immediately responsive forms of communication whenever possible. For instance, sending an e-mail to a client requesting a single piece of information will use up s lot longer than it would if they simply called and asked for the said information through a telephone call. Networking tools such as Slack and project management applications such as Asana are great alternatives to the conventional and time-consuming methods which are usually used.

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