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Different styles of wardrobes

Different styles of wardrobes

What do you consider to be the most important aspects of a bedroom? Once you buy yourself a bed and the bedside tables, you need to get yourself a mirror and a wardrobe. You might think that the wardrobe is not a very important but it is what helps you store most of your clothes. Your personal sense of style is always locked behind a closet.


There are many wardrobe Singapore shops available and you will find the below types available.


The traditional type of a freestanding closet can be moved around the entire bedroom or house, even from room to room. The most common feature of a freestanding wardrobe is completed with a wooden finish. Some of them have options where you can get plastic or metal finishes too. Sometimes it can be have less space than the actual size of the cupboard.


The open-able

-These types of cupboards are the most open-able ones available. These shutter doors open straight up your face. You can get this furniture with a handle or without a handle, which depends on whether; you want to lock it up or not. Some hinge door cupboards will give you fully access to all your clothes at once so you can gaze at them at once.


Sliding door

Sliding doors are very popular on cupboards, which is a modern type of hinge door style. Times are changing where you will not hear anyone saying almirah. These wardrobes can be designed with one door or even up to four doors, which are very smooth when, you try to open it. If you do not have enough space in your bedroom for a separate cupboard, this is the perfect option for you to store away your clothes. There are a few different types sliding handles made of a few different types of materials.

The walk-in

This is the most luxurious type of wardrobe available. You can literally walk into the wardrobe and have all your clothes spread out and arranged in any order you like. The shoes can be placed in one area and so can the bags. You will have different compartments for your jewellery and other accessories. A chair will be placed in the middle as well. If you are sharing this with your spouse or have an extra room to spare, this is a great idea.


Consult an architect and the wardrobe designer who will help you come up with the best design for the space of your home. If you want, you can customise the cupboard or walk in closet even more.



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