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Best Ways to Sell Your Home in Melbourne

Best Ways to Sell Your Home in Melbourne

Melbourne and its suburbs have a vibrant property market. Selling a residential property in the area is not that hard as the demand is high. However, selling fast and at the most expensive rate is not as easy as most property owners think. There are many things to consider during the process. Read below for several important tips on how you can sell your residential property in the Melbourne region as you like:

Choose a Great Agent

Trying to sell the property on your own is possible, but can be very difficult if the homeowners are not professional property managers. Therefore, if you want put your home on the market at the highest price point you can demand, hire local Dandenong real estate agents to ease the process. The professionals can market your property, interact with prospective buyers, and provide a reasonable market valuation for your property. You should really seek a property manager from the area you are located. Don’t go for out of area people because your property won’t have the benefit of being marked with similar properties. Choose a professional who is well experienced and can communicate well with you and the prospective buyers.

Prepare Your Home for Presentation

Buying a house is all about the looks at first. If you want to demand a high price, then your home should ideally look like those lovely houses in architectural brochures. Clean up the house and remove personal items. Strip it bare but don’t leave some stylish decorations here and there to tempt buyers. Some minor renovations may be necessary to sell your house as brand new. For example, if there is discoloured paint and such, you may have to give it a fresh coat of paint before you have prospective buyers look at the house. Keep in mind that it’s very important to impress prospective buyers with the first look.

Create Great Marketing Material

The marketing material that you post online or in the papers will immensely affect how much attention your property would attract. Make sure you include plenty of great photos that are accurate and is not intended to mislead. Include descriptions of key features of the house, such as acres, number of bedrooms, saunas, swimming pool availability, and so on. Don’t forget to list nearby features either, such as distance to the nearest train station, school, hospital, and so on. Provide all the information a prospective buyer would need in the marketing material.

Choose the Right Season for Selling

While the property market in the Melbourne region is highly priced, the demand for buying ebbs and flows with the seasons. It’s generally considered that spring is the best time to sell a property. One of the reasons is that the gardens are blooming during these months, which usually impresses the buyers. But there will also be a number of other properties for sale competing with yours during the in-demand seasons. Therefore, consult with your property manager and time the sale right to get the best price.

The above are just initial steps towards finally reaching a settlement with a buyer. Once you have a proper property manager, selling would be a breeze.

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