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An underappreciated technological advancement

An underappreciated technological advancement

It is an understatement that we are in the advent of technology, at the start of the new millenium, gadgets have been surpassing the same products every single year, or create something that is more advanced than its predecessor. And over the years, these developments have decreased the use of cords.

It’s more convenient

Can you even imagine living in 2018 and bringing your grandma’s old corded telephone at a restaurant, a cafe, or while you’re having your daily jog? No, because it can’t be done! But then mankind developed cellphones, and all of the sudden almost all of the world’s population has one or even more. It became easier to use, it provided features such as calculators, calendars, notepads, contact lists, games, music, and so much more, that when you try to bring each of these your bags will barely have space for other things you need.  That’s the comfort you get from detaching cables to technologies.

Tangle free

Ever went out for a walk, and go through your bag or pockets to look for your earphones only to find a tangled up mess? It’s such a hassle, I know! I’ve always enjoyed listening to music, and I’m just not really a big fan of wearing earphones with cords simply because it can become agitating in many levels. That is why I opted for true wireless earphone that I find more comfortable wearing, whenever I go for my morning jog or just strolling around the mall. It’s great because almost all phones have bluetooth connection which I could just easily link my device to my earphone and listen in just a few touches. I can wear it easily, snug fit to my ears, and has that crisp sound quality that I always look for whenever I go listening to my playlist.

Easy to store

What I love so much about gadgets not having any cords is that I could just put them in my bag or pockets without even worrying about the wires being all tangled up, as well potentially damaging the cord which would make me buy a new cord which means I would have to spend more money. Consider bringing a laptop with you at a cafe, it’s sleek, compact, and lightweight, unlike its desktop counterpart that’s made to be in the office or at home. I could bring my laptop, fully charged, and just do my work anywhere I want.

I believe gadgets that are wireless have been taken for granted and not been given the proper appreciation it deserves by consumers. Not having to live with cords is like freedom and that is to have more access with your gadgets anytime and anywhere you want.

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