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5 Tips for Maintaining Your Automatic Transmission

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5 Tips for Maintaining Your Automatic Transmission

Most car owners pay a lot of attention to the components and overall condition of their rides and are sure to give them due attention and care to keep them spick and spin every day. However, of these components, the gearbox is often passed by unnoticed, until of course it starts developing complications.

It is one of those key components that a lot of motorists do not really pay much attention to. Much of the glamor and attention goes to the engine. However, it will not be taking the car anywhere without a functioning gearbox and the rest of the drivetrain. So giving your gearbox some love and maintenance really does help it contribute to a smooth event-free drive. Here some helpful tips on how you can maintain your gearbox thoroughly it is always in tip-top shape.

1.      Carry Out Maintenance Checks Regularly

Transmission fluid which is the lifeblood of the transmission is only good for every 15,000 miles or so. After that, it needs to be replaced. So it is important to arrange regular visits with a dealership or specialist to help you with that and carry out other duties. If you are residing in the South East corner of Australia and are in need of an automatic gearbox specialist Brisbane, has the works. Keep track of fluid levels

You probably check the oil in your car every morning with a special dipstick. You can do the same for your transmission fluids. Consult the car manual to make sure the levels of fluid are ok and look out for any discoloration. Good fluid is usually a pinkish red colour and burnt, dirty fluid ranges from dark brown to black. Also be on the lookout for leakage.

2.      Properly Maintain the Engine

The engine is the main source of power on your car. So it comes as no surprise that a healthy engine is key to maintaining a healthy transmission. A malfunctioning engine would be a lot of trouble for the transmission to handle and eventually, too much trouble altogether. So keep that motor thoroughly checked up and maintained so you have one less important detail to worry about in maintaining your transmission.

3.      Go Easy On the Brakes

This goes especially for new drivers. Do not exert too much pressure on the brake pedal when you are driving as it can be quite stressful on your engine as well as your transmission. Also keep your brake applications to a minimum in traffic jams and do not forget to apply your parking brake if the space you are parking in has a somewhat of an incline or decline.

4.      Hit Zero before You Shift

Do not engage the reverse gear while you are still moving forward. It will cause some serious wear and tear to the transmission. It is always advised that you come to complete halt first and then put the car into reverse.


Hopefully that was helpful towards keeping your automatic gearbox functioning well.

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