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3 Storage Solutions For Your Home

3 Storage Solutions For Your Home

For many people, an organized home is a clean and worry-free zone. Well, who wants to deal with all that clutter anyway? With an organized or orderly home, it is easy to find stuff whenever you need to retrieve them.


Before deciding to declutter and organize your home, make sure you set aside at least a day or two just for this activity. If you have a huge amount of stuff to organize, then you might need to work on them for around 2 to 3 weekends tops. Now once you are ready to sort out, below are 3 types of storage solutions you can choose from:

  • Boxes and Filers


You can either buy ready made boxes and filers from your local home depots and stores, or get crafty and create your own boxers and filers the DIY way. Bottomline is, you need these so you can have a place for all your stuff and documents to be organized neatly. The more things you have, the more (and probably bigger) boxes and filers you might need.


After sorting and placing all your stuff and documents on their respective box and filers, make sure you label them properly and correctly. Labelling is important if you want to retrieve the items you need with ease. You don’t want to dismantle everything just to look for your birth certificate, right? So make sure all your organizers, boxes and filers are labelled correctly.


  • Rent Storage Spaces


If you have more stuff than your house can handle, a good way to minimize clutter is by renting a storage space somewhere in your locality. You can try searching online, like say storage solution Singapore (if you’re from Singapore), to check if there are storage units that are available in your area. It is recommended that you only use this for valuable items, possessions and pertinent documents – because they are guaranteed to be safe there.


  • Install Wall Shelves


If you are short on floor space, you can install high wall shelves to create more space and storage for your stuff. Wall shelves can also become great book shelves, and can also hold great decor for your house. You can also place some of your boxes on them, so they don’t have to take up enough floor space at home.


Installing wall shelves obviously need some home repair and renovation work. So before resorting to this solution, make sure you have enough funds to shoulder the labor and materials that are needed to get this done. Either way, you still have the first two options above.

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