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What to Do When Your Restaurant’s Fridge Breaks Down

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What to Do When Your Restaurant’s Fridge Breaks Down

Modern restaurants are highly reliant on commercial refrigeration systems. So what happens when the fridge at the cafe or the restaurant suddenly breaks down? The first step is not panicking. It never helps anyone. The situation can be fixed with the right mindset. Here is what you should do if the commercial fridge at your restaurant suddenly breaks down:

Unplug and Unload

First of all, you may need to unplug the refrigerator if it suddenly stops working or starts to act out. In some cases, the fridge could be damages enough to leak electricity, which is a fire hazard. If the fridge is no longer working, there’s no point in keeping it plugged in anyway. Therefore, unplug the appliance. Then, start unloading the food items and putting them away. You might want to have a backup fridge (yours or someone else’s) for a situation like this. Remember that the repair people will be there soon and a loaded fridge would only get in the way of getting it fixed.

Call a Repair Service for Commercial Refrigerators

Once the necessary precautions are taken, it will be time to call a repair service to look at the issue. Commercial fridges are not like fridges at home. Only a qualified and experienced electrician can examine and fix these appliances. Also, a general electrician would not do. You need a repair person who is familiar with the model and make of the commercial fridge to get the issue fixed without causing even more damage. Therefore, have a service provider like Stuartek on call for emergency situations. Don’t forget to call the repair persons right away because the longer you wait, the more serious the problem can get.

Electricians must be Certified

In case you can only call in electricians, make sure you are bringing in certified electricians into your business. Otherwise, you may risk damaging even more appliances though the grid. You can check the certifications of electricians online or by calling the company that send you the electricians. It’s perfectly fine to ask for credentials right away to ensure safety of all.

Prepare for the Possibility in Advance

Don’t wait until the last moment to get your commercial fridge repaired and fixed. Think about this possibility in advance and take the necessary steps for preparation. You should prepare for the situation in advance situation by buying a backup fridge. Hire the repair personnel in advance and keep them on a retainer if possible. You might want to keep the make and model of the appliance written down somewhere too.

What’s most important here is to get minor repairs fixed before they go out of head. Do some initial research to narrow down a list of repair services to call just in case. You might want to buy a backup fridge or ask a nearby business to lend you their own. Preparation is key to overcoming challenges of any kind at work. If you find the right repair personnel, then you can get several more years on the appliance without risking a serious breakdown.

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