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What Makes A Digital Government A Better Government?

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What Makes A Digital Government A Better Government?

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In this day and age when everything seems to be digital, more and more entities adopt digital technologies to create better environmental outcomes for its citizens. This only shows that organizations are not the only ones that reinvent themselves. In fact, even the government wants to reinvent itself to make it a better fit for its people. The road towards digitization may not be an easy one, but the government is assured that it will be worth it in the end. And so, the question now begs – what makes a digital government a better government?

Customer Experience

Without a doubt, the digitization of the government will lead to better customer experience. Since everybody is concerned about his online presence and the convenience that it brings, the government’s decision to go digital will allow it to become more responsive and personalized in its services. The higher level of interaction provides the government with an opportunity to increase the level of its services to its citizens. Through this, the services will be more centered towards the citizens – a mindset that would be extended in crafting policies and regulations. This will also promote transparency and trust in the government. If you are unsure of how to do this, you can check the gov cms to inquire about their digital services.

Public Value

As mentioned earlier, the digitization of the government will also provide a greater level of transparency to its citizens. In doing so, it is essential that the citizens know where the government spends the money and if such allocation has been effective. In this case, the return of investment will be monitored. The digitization will also allow the incorporation of the Blockchain technology to track public spending per government body. Furthermore, the Robotic Process Automation or RPA will increase the level of efficiency and flexibility to ensure quality products and to avoid any backlogs. The employment of 3D printing will also lessen the construction costs as it will aid the decision makers in producing a sounder judgment on the projects involved. Through these technologies, a higher public value could be achieved.

Citizen Security

Despite the technological breakthroughs, the security of citizens is still in jeopardy due to the proliferation of bomb and death threats that could adversely affect the peace and order in a country. As a responsible government, it is its responsibility to protect its citizens and to keep it from harm. The digitization of the government will allow it to achieve a higher level of information dissemination in battling threats. The emergence of cyberweapons and security apparatus will help the government become more effective in carrying out its security tasks. In fact, the subsequent deployment of these technologies in the police level will substantially lessen the response rate; thereby, improving the government’s services.

It is great to know that the organizations are not the only ones who are open-minded in coping with their surroundings. Even the governments are doing the same, which, in turn, enables them to deliver better services to its citizens. After all, a better government is one that could better serve its citizens.

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