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Ways to Create More Space in Your Home

Ways to Create More Space in Your Home

Most of you live in apartments or cramped up houses In big cities and hence space is becoming a big problem. You can no longer comfortably store you winter sweaters, coats and travelling bags; you need to pack them away carefully. Larger and spacious homes are very expensive in the city and hence you all have learned to live within smaller spaces. However, it doesn’t you need to live cramped up. You might not know it but there could be ample unused space that could come in handy very much. So here are some tips and tricks to make use of it and also make your home look spacious like never before.

  1. Add the right amount of furniture

The biggest mistake you do is cluttering your rooms with large and unwanted furniture. It is high time that you give up on that vintage bed with an enormous headboard and bring in a more sophisticated bed that won’t take up the entire room. You can go for transforming furniture that has your bed, study table, wardrobe Singapore etc. all in one. These cost less than buying every item separately and are great if you live alone and have just one room.

  1. Addmirrors

Mirrors reflect light and fills up a room in no time, making it look bigger and much more spacious than usual. If you live on a waterfront or park, place the mirror close to the window in an angle that reflects the scenery. When you see the water, trees and open sky on the mirror from inside, it will immediately add a few more square feet to the room.

  1. Build more storage

Your rooms automatically look smaller if there’s too much little stuff lying around. The best thing to do is add some more storage space. Build a line of cupboards under the staircase, buy a bed with drawers, have an ottoman in the living room, the choices are endless. The major point is to not let any space just lie around unused.

  1. Make use of high ceilings

The higher the ceiling, the bigger the room looks. It’s not always about ground space; it’s about vertical space too. Make use of the full height and build cupboards so that you can store things that you don’t use regularly such as travelling bags, hiking or fishing equipment, winter clothes etc. It is better if you can label the shelves to avoid getting on a stool each time you wanted to find something and ultimately not having it up there.

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