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The Quickest Way to Make Money Out of Your Pre-loved Purses

The Quickest Way to Make Money Out of Your Pre-loved Purses

Your designer purses that hold your valuables are valuable items as well. You love matching them with your outfits, for they add oomph to your attire as you make your fashion statement with them, aside from their functionality. But when the time comes that some new ones catch your eyes that you just had to buy them, they suddenly become your new go-to purses that you love to bring and complement with your outfits. And your old ones end up unused. Instead of letting your pre-loved purses take up space in your closet and accumulate dust, you can make some extra cash out of them by selling them.

By selling your pre-loved purses, you get to de-clutter your closet; you get to have some cash; and your old purse can once again be a precious item to another purse aficionado. It’s a win-win situation. But the question is: where to sell branded bags in Singapore?

It’s just very simple. You can solve the clutter problem in your closet or your need for extra cash by selling your old purse to a pawnshop. It can be easily done in just four simple steps.

Steps in Selling Your Pre-loved Purse to a Pawnshop

  • Show Your Purse to the Pawnshop’s Professional Valuer for Valuation

Every pawnshop has knowledgeable and experienced professional valuers that evaluate pre-owned items to put a reasonable price on thembefore their purchase. So the first step is to have your old purse checked to know its worth. You can go through the valuation process directly at the pawnshop, but these days, some pawnshops also provide an online valuaton service, wherein you just send them a clear photo of your item and describe to them its details.

  • Receive the Estimate Quote

By the time you’ve had the item valuated, the professional valuer will then let you know how much money you can get for it. In an online valuation process, the pawnshop will get back to you with an initial estimate quote for it via email.

  • Make an Appointment for Accurate Appraisal

If you went through the valuation process online, the next step after receiving the estimate quote would usually be to have an appointment for bringing in your itemto the pawnshop. And when the actual item is seen, they can, then, closely evaluate it for a more accurate appraisal.

  • Accept the Payment They are Willing to Offer

Once they’ve finally offered you the amount of money they can pay for it, you may accept it and then you get yourself some instant cash.

If you have some unused purses taking up some space and need to free up your closet, you can turn that clutter into cash without having to go through the trouble of finding an interested buyer by simply selling it to the pawnshop.

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