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Steps to Select an Apartment Complex

Steps to Select an Apartment Complex

If you are moving in to the city, you surely will have to live in an apartment due to the limited space available. Apartments are great since they are situated right in the middle of the city, they have all the utilities you could ask for, have grocery stores, gyms etc. nearby; you have everything at your fingertips. However, you not all provide such facilities and hence you need to choose your complex wisely. If not, you will be stuck in a place that is not clean or safe and makes you regret your decision every minute. So here are some steps to follow when selecting the best for you.

  1. Make a list of possible apartments

First you need to sit down and think of the basic requirement you look for in an apartment and pick out the most important things. Some of such requirements are good neighbourhood, low rental, good maintenance, basic utilities, distance from college or office etc. Choosing the most important ones can depend on your situation. for example, if you need to report to work on call, you better live close by. If not, and your company is paying for transport, you can live a bit away from the heart of the city. Next you can consider these and look for complexes. Use online sources, newspapers, talk to people or drive by the neighbourhood you prefer. You will find great places so list them down along with the address and phone number.

  1. Make appointments and go for them

Once you have the entire list written down, call them up and ask a few questions. Clearly mention the date you want to move in, your price range, the size of apartment you are looking for, their policy on pets if you have one etc. Once the complex has checked the availability of an apartment of your requirements, schedule an appointment. Try to schedule a few appointments closely in a day so that you can finish them all up in one go. Once you visit the complex, pay attention to every detail from the outside to inside. Scrutinize the exterior and neighbourhood, focus on any bad smell you get, decide if it has adequate storage space Singapore for you etc.

  1. Finalize

If you like the place, get all the payment details. Do not hesitate to ask any questions on other expenses such as maintenance, utility etc. and how these should be paid, either monthly or quarterly. Finalize on the rental amount and come into contract. Ensure all legal procedures are done correctly to avoid any future disappointments.



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