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Four Feng Shui Ornaments You Might Want To Decorate Your New House With

Four Feng Shui Ornaments You Might Want To Decorate Your New House With

We move in to a new house for many different reasons, it could be to escape a tragic incident that’s haunting us, making us seek a new place, a new life or even simply because the repairs are too much and there’s no time to rebuild or renovate the age old house. Whatever the reason is, when you’re decorating your new home, you might want to consider having a few ornaments apart from the typical sophisticated glass chandeliers and gigantic gold vases and get a few ornaments that can increase the positivity and bring good chi to your home. Whether it works or not, it wont hurt to have one right? Read on for a few you can use to decorate your house with

Dining Room.

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of an ornament you want to have other than food because of course what’s better looking than food? Well just remember that chandeliers aren’t just made for living rooms. Since dining rooms are a vital part of your house that generates abundance for the entire family, hanging crystal chandeliers right in middle on the top of a table can attract abundant and prosperous luck energies. In addition to chandeliers, you could also have a dinner bell on the table because ringing it three times before meals is believed to bring abundance of positive energies. If you’re still confused, simply search online feng shui consulting Singapore and book for a session to clarify your doubts on it.


If you didn’t know, a few bedroom specific Fengshui ornaments exist too. Whether you’re finally married to the love of your life or seeking for the one true love that the cupid never seems to strike an arrow to, the bedroom present chance to emphasize the relationship between a couple and obviously enrich the love. Every relationship sure enough has its ups and downs but what matters is that the love only grows. To throw in a little bit of hope and make sure this happens, you could slot in specific feng shui symbols of love like a dragon and a phoenix or a pair of mandarin ducks which is famous for its unbreakable love. Also whatever ornament you’re getting make sure to get two of it!

Living Room.

Again you can hang up a huge chandelier with Crystals hanging in them but if you’re not in to that kind of thing then you could also hang pictures of your kids in the west wall to activate descendant’s luck and for an even powerful effect, hang them using metallic frames as metal is considered to be the west compass element. By effectively activating the energy you’ll also be able to take a trip down the memory lane and reminisce about the glorious good ole’ days. Wedding photos on the southwest wall which is ideal due to it being in the relationship direction, is said to reinforce your marriage luck. So get them out and hanging!


After finding your personal auspicious directions on one of the four sides of you kitchen you can place any feng shui animal for positivity. One of the most common is a rooster ornament which represents prosperity and ward off arguments. However don’t resort to placing family’s pictures or frames because there’s fire and water in kitchen and you surely wouldn’t want that kind of negativity. It’s preferable to have your cabinets in wood, as wood is a balance between both water and fire. A wall clock is also is an ideal adornment in the kitchen to help you with the cooking go smooth.

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