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Expanding Your Family: A Guide

Expanding Your Family: A Guide

You may be riding on the clouds of the honeymoon phase of either getting married, moving in with your best friend, welcoming a child, welcoming your spouse and their kids to your home or even welcoming your parents to stay with you. While at the start, like everything else, this is nice to be a part of, you will, at some point, hit a few potholes in your dream-like stance. Hopefully, your problems can be answered by some of the few guidelines given below.

Where Does Everything Go?

Now, you may be wondering how to adjust, when all of your adult life, you lived in this house by yourself – suddenly you have to give up half or more than half of your place to someone else to keep their stuff in. While some embrace this change, some have a difficult time deciding which of their things to chuck in the trash and which to keep.

If you feel like there is no way you can bring yourself to throw away your things, then you have an alternative solution. There are plenty of companies offering extra storage space Singapore – you can buy or rent out a containment facility on one of their sites and keep everything that you can’t find a place for at home, there. Maybe with expansion in the future, you can bring your things back home. That or you just want to keep things that are sentimental to you.


This is actually a great solution if you think about it – talking with your spouse or roommate about keeping your things will simply lead to arguments and fights that you can easily avoid by hiring a containment facility and keep everything that you want there.


Why Does Everything Have to Change?

You may be wondering why things have to change around the house once someone or someones move in. Maybe your spouse does not find your movie poster as appropriate for the living room or maybe your best friend decides that their posters are better than yours and have to take yours’ place, maybe your mom sees it fit to install a few wall cabinets where you used to keep your collectibles because it is easier to cook food that way. This change will definitely drive you crazy if you do not set some ground rules. Make sure that your flatmate or mates know what you want to remain the same and what you are open to changing. If children are moving in, then, of course, you have agreed to change up a lot of things, so make sure you discuss effectively and compromise, without getting into fights for everything.

This is a really turbulent yet exciting time for you – make sure you have fun but also take steps to reduce the not-fun bits as well.

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