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Bridal hair accessory mistakes to avoid at all costs

Bridal hair accessory mistakes to avoid at all costs

You big day is drawing near by the second and you are now shopping to get some of those much needed clothing accessories sorted. However even though you might be going for a glamorous effect there are many occasions where brides comes across as too dolled up or too burdened or washed out. This could happen thanks to the wrong accessorizing choices that you have made. Here are some mistakes to watch out for and avoid.

Getting too many extravagant pieces

On your wedding day, it is going to be the dress, the shoes, and the makeup, the hair the flowers and your hair accessories that complete the perfect look for you. Therefore adding in too many accessories with everything else that is going on will because clashes that will dull out the look or make it confusing or it could even make you look like the bride that went completely out of control and over the top. Make sure that you choose accessories that will only complement your overall elegance and not smother it off.

Not deciding according to the dress

Your bridal hair accessory choice cannot be made like ordering a spring racing fascinator online. There needs to be careful thought given to the choices that you decide to make. For example, on your special day, the dress is what should capture all of the attention. If you try to buy all of your accessories first and then buy the dress according to that, you will not be making the right impact. Buy the dress first, then get everything else to complement and highlight that.

Matching stones and metals

Sometimes, if the colour theme of your ceremony allows it and the colours of the stones really go well with each other it is alright to don maybe one or two small pieces that have colour matched stones from different shades. But even in that case wearing too much colour can make it look like you jumped into a glue and trinket filled bathtub and came out all decked up. When it comes to metals gold will go with gold and silver with silver. Do not mix and match between the metals.

Cheap can be good sometimes

Just because something is cheap it does not mean that it will not look good. Having a wedding ceremony is something that will make you and your partner bleed financially and if you insist on going all plush and extravagant with your accessories, it might just break your bank. Therefore, search for minimal and chap pieces that look like they came straight out of Vogue’s latest edition. They really do exist and they look really great.

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