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Best accessory organizing ideas

Best accessory organizing ideas

To make an outfit standard out in a good way accessorizing is necessary. These are not only limited to jewelry and sunglasses but also to shoes and boots as well. While storing them the right way could help you maintain their new and luxurious look for a long time and not doing so, would give you the opposite of it. So to give your entire outfit a good look, you need to make that extra effort to store them right. So here are some tips to help you out.

Use transparent boxes

In a closet it is not only the clothes that you store but also your shoes as well. Very often since shoes are not given much importance they are merely placed on the ground one over the other. This ruins its entire look. So to avoid it, use clear containers like boxes and other similar plastic products singapore to store them. Make sure to place those that you wear frequently at the front for ease in locating them. You could also use cardboard shoe boxes of the same size to store these. This helps you stack them in an orderly way without taking up extra space. In case you feel you might have no idea what might be in them, take a picture of it and paste it at the front or sides so you can find what you need!

Maintain boot shape with pool noodle

When you take off your boots, especially those that are thigh high, it would scrunch down in a way where after some time it would easily wear out. You might even find the material chipping off in different places. To avoid this from happening, buy pool noodles that you can easily insert in to the boots. This way they would be standing up rather than scrunching down and losing their shape. You can make things even more interesting by wrapping these noodles with fancy fabric to match with your wardrobe theme.

Hang purses 

Rather than simply stacking your purses and handbags in your closet or wherever you might keep them, use shower curtain hooks to hang them. fit in these hooks to the rod in your closet and make space for your bags. In case you are all out of space in your closet, fix in a towel holder to your wall and use this to store your purses. You could also use these hooks to hang your scarves too. All you need is a hanger and a couple curtain rings.

You could also use your collection of colorful hats to decorate your room by storing them on a couple hooks fit in to the wall. It is more or less like a floating rack, except that it is for hats and it isn’t necessarily a rack! So use the above tips and store your accessories smartly!

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