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A guide on choosing the right antenna for your home

A guide on choosing the right antenna for your home

Without a highly functional theater or an entertainment hub in your home, you will not be able to have fun or even relax in your home. For your home to be perfect, you should guarantee that you have what it takes to enjoy your accouter show whoever that you want to.

For your TV to function without hassle, you need the best antenna for it. Depending on your requirements, the antenna that you should choose will differ. If you want the best from the antenna that you are using, choosing the best is important. This is a crucial guide on choosing the best antennas Singapore for your home requirements:

Pay attention to the distance from the cell tower

The more distance that you are from the cell tower that will be transmitting signals, the harder it will be to capture strong signals. Therefore, the antenna that you choose should depend on the distance from the cell tower as it affects the strength of the sings that you are getting. If you are in flat terrain, you will be able to get a signal easily for 40 km. However, if you go beyond that point, you will have to use an external antenna. When you invest on a high quality antenna, getting signals that comes from more than 120 km will be possible.

Do you want an indoor antenna?

When you are choosing antennas, you are given the option of choosing from two different options, which is indoor antennas and outdoor antennas. If you don’t have the space for an outdoor antenna, you can invest on an indoor antenna. An indoor antenna will be reeving the signals from many directions. If you want to gain signals that are strong, it is best that you place the antenna near a door or a window.

Roof antennas

Another option that you have a roof antenna. If you are having bad reception or very weak signals, the solution to this problems is a roof antenna. There are two types of roof antenna, namely, Yagi and omni directional. Research into both the types to find what is best for you.

Yagi antennas are the most commonly used type of antennas due to their high-power. However, in order to gain the best signal for them, they should be adjusted in a specific manner. If not, getting it right design will  not be possible this will often put you thorough the trouble making adjustments to the direction.  On the other hand, when use an omnidirectional antenna, it will receive signals from all directions. They are best if there are multiple towers in the area.

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