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5 Ways to Ensure that Your New Home is Free of Health Risks

5 Ways to Ensure that Your New Home is Free of Health Risks

Moving into a new home is a lot of work. There will be plenty to do before you choose which bedroom is yours. The first days of moving in will be occupied by unpacking and cleaning. And before you do all that, there’s one task that should take precedence: inspecting the new home for health risks. Ideally, this is something you should do when buying the house or before actually moving in. In case you have moved in without going through this step, here’s how you can make sure your new home won’t end up causing you cancer:

1.     Make Sure the Home Wasn’t Involved in Drug Busts

It may be hard to believe, but your property could have once been the site of an illicit drug lab. If your property is used for something like cooking meth, then it could be seriously contaminated with toxins that cause serious diseases. It’s not easy to rid a property of chemical residue from making drugs. Painting over the walls may make stains disappear, but the toxins will still be there, inside the wall, slowing being released over the years and making your family gradually sick. Therefore, call your local law enforcement agency and find out if your home has been part of a drug raid in the past. If your home was the site of a meth cooking facility, then you need to call a meth company to have your home completely decontaminated.

2.     Check for Strong Chemical Odours

When you inspect or clean the new home, make sure you don’t smell any strong chemical odours. If a smell is weird—as in, it’s not something rotting—then you need to be careful. You could be smelling toxic residue caused by chemical spills, illegal drug labs, or building material. If you smell something like this, then you need to call in a professional inspector, a plumber, or a contractor to find out how to safely locate the toxins and then decontaminate the area.

3.     Watch Out for Stains

Stains could be indicative of mould or mildew, which poses various health risks, especially for small children. Mould does not belong in any home. If you see a stain, carefully inspect it further with safety gear to make sure there’s no mould growth behind the walls.

4.     Pay for a Professional Inspection

While inspecting the home by yourself is fine, it’s highly recommended to pay for a professional inspector. Not only will a pro spot structural issues, he or she will definitely inform you if there are any health hazards that could be considered risky for your family.

5.     Have the House Professional Cleaned Before Moving in

Even if you are not sure if there are any harmful substances in the house, it’s worthwhile to pay to have it professionally cleaned. Sometimes even dust mites pose a health risk. Professionals will know how to properly clean surfaces with the right decontaminant products.

Do not underestimate the type of health hazards that exist in modern homes. You probably don’t want to find out that there’s lead in the wall paint after you have gotten sick. Therefore, follow the above steps to make sure your home is free of health risks.


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