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4 Tips That Any Designer Can Use

4 Tips That Any Designer Can Use

Designers are people who do what humans are supposed to do. What sets up apart from other animals is our ability to create and that is what designers do. They create things. Whether you are designing clothes for people to wear or rockets to go into space you are helping the human race go forward. Here are some tips that any designer can use no matter what their field is.

Start from something you know

People rarely create something totally new. Almost everything we use is a result of gradual progression. As a designer, you don’t have to create something from scratch. Start with something that already exists and put your own spin on it. Adding something new, no matter how small it is can be considered as design. Sometimes you might only have done one small change to something, but the fact that no one else did it that way is what makes your design special.

Get into your clients’ head

Most designers who do it professionally design things for clients. These people are trusting your creativity and you need to give them what they want. Since you can’t read minds and since most clients can’t really explain their needs very well it is important to do whatever you can to get into your heads. Have meetings, ask questions, call them, do whatever you can to know what they want. This will make sure you will be good at what you do.

Test testtest

This is something every designer is told to do time and time again. Your idea might look awesome in your head but until you see it work you would not have any idea on how it works. Making prototypes of what you are designing and testing them are very important. You can use an FDM 3d printer and many other methods to make prototypes and this can save you a lot of trouble.

Make your mark

Your design is part of you. It is something that you created to make sure you make your mark and put your all into it. When you’re doing this as a job things can look very boring but as a designer, you’re doing what our species is best at so make sure you make your mark on our consciousness.

Being a designer can be a truly amazing career. By following these tips you will be able to get the most out of the opportunities given to you and you will be able to make a difference.


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